The Department of Energy and the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission regulate the services and rates of electric utilities.

Four electric distribution companies operate in New Hampshire, each serving a mutually exclusive franchise territory. They include Public Service Company of New Hampshire d/b/a Eversource Energy (Eversource), Liberty Utilities (Granite State Electric) Corp. d/b/a Liberty Utilities (Liberty) Unitil Energy Systems, Inc. (UES) and the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, Inc. (NHEC). NHEC, a rural electric cooperative for which a certificate of deregulation is on file with the Commission, is not considered a public utility, but it must comply with certain laws and rules applicable to the other three electric distribution companies.

In 1996, the New Hampshire Legislature enacted RSA 374-F, a statute which directed the Public Utilities Commission (Commission) to develop a statewide restructuring plan to implement electric retail choice for all customers by January 1, 1998. Retail choice equates to a customer's ability to purchase electric supply from an entity other than their electric utility, such as a competitive electric supplier.  The Commission issued a restructuring plan in February 1997, and the then-existing electric utilities restructured at different times and in somewhat different ways. Although competitive electric suppliers offer supply service within the utilities' franchise areas, most residential customers receive their electric supply from their utility as default energy service.

  • Eversource, serves approximately 71 percent of the customers in New Hampshire. The company serves geographically and demographically diverse areas, ranging from urban, southern areas to rural, northern areas of the state.
  • Liberty, whose franchise territory includes western and southern areas of the state, serves approximately 6 percent of the customers in New Hampshire.
  • UES serve approximately 10 percent of New Hampshire's customers in both the Seacoast and Capital areas.
  • NHEC provides electric service to about 11 percent of customers throughout the central part of New Hampshire.


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