Electric Assistance Program

The Electric Assistance Program, or EAP, can help income eligible customers pay their electric bills.

The EAP provides eligible customers with a discount on their monthly electric bills. The discounts range from 5% to 86%, depending on the customer’s gross household income and household size.

All electric utility customers support the statewide EAP through the system benefits charge portion of their electric bill. The EAP discount helps make bills more affordable and helps customers avoid the risk of having their electric service shut off for non-payment. To be eligible for the program, customers must receive an electric bill from a regulated electric utility (Eversource, Unitil, Liberty or NHEC) and have a gross household income that qualifies at the time of application. See Income Eligibility Guidelines.

The EAP is a 12 month bill assistance program. Benefits are subject to the availability of funds. To learn more about the EAP, including how to apply, call your local Community Action Agency office or view the EAP brochure.

EAP Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is comprised of representatives from the four participating utilities (Eversource, NHEC, Unitil, and Liberty), the Department of Energy, the Office of Consumer Advocate, the Community Action Agencies, the New Hampshire Local Welfare Administrators Association, and New Hampshire Legal Assistance.  The Advisory Board monitors the EAP, drafting recommendations for programmatic changes as appropriate, and provides clarification and guidance to the parties responsible for administering the program.

The Advisory Board meets quarterly on the fourth Fridays of January, April, July and October.

The Advisory Board has also developed rules to govern itself.

EAP Advisory Board Reports, Statutes and Orders

There are a number resources that provide more information about the Electric Assistance Program. Links to those resources are below.

Annual Report on the Results and Effectiveness of the System Benefits Charge

EAP Triennial Process Evaluations

Selected EAP Orders

Statutory Authority