Electrical Safety and Reliability

In 2021, the Public Utilities Commission transferred the responsibility for electric safety to what is now the Department of Energy Division of Enforcement. Whenever there is electrical contact in which a person has received a shock, flash injury or other injury that resulted from contact with the utility’s facilities, an investigation and report is completed.

The Staff routinely participates in simulated drills of emergency response of each of the electric utilities as well as reviews Emergency Response procedures of each of the electric service providers.  Operations and Maintenance policies of each of the utilities are reviewed by the Division of Enforcement.

The Division of Enforcement leads in coordinating service restoration efforts with the electric utilities during major power outages and acts a liaison for implementing the State’s Emergency Preparedness Plan. The Department of Energy relies on its Division of Enforcement to provide substantive safety-oriented input during periodic electric utility service-related policy initiatives including providing technical assistance in updating the Puc 300 Rules for Electric Service. Assistance is provided to the Consumer Affairs Division for resolving consumer complaints that involve technical expertise and providing technical input on specific projects ranging from EMFs to facility replacement projects.