Programs & Initiatives

The New Hampshire Department of Energy administers energy-related programs and conducts research to support the state’s goal of providing affordable, efficient, innovative, sustainable, and secure energy options to the state and its citizens.


NH Biomass Study

In 2018, a study was completed of the economic viability of biomass electric generation resources in New Hampshire.

State Energy Strategy

RSA 12-P:7-a directs the Department of Energy to prepare a 10-year energy strategy for the state.


Electric Assistance Program

This program helps income eligible residential customers pay their electric bills.

Fuel Assistance Program

The program helps income-eligible New Hampshire households pay heating costs.

Gas Assistance Program

The program helps income eligible residential heating customers pay their natural gas winter bills.

State Energy Program

This program funds are used to support a variety of programs and initiatives aimed at reducing energy use.

Weatherization Assistance Program

The program funds energy-efficiency home improvements of income qualified residential households.