Public utilities and any entity that is not a public utility but falls under the Department of Energy’s assessment authority are subject to an annual assessment. Non-public utility providers subject to the assessment statute include but may not be limited to competitive electric power suppliers, competitive natural gas suppliers, electric aggregators, natural gas aggregators, and telecommunications providers registered with the Department of Energy.

The Department of Energy calculates the annual assessment due from public utility and non-public utility providers following the close of the June 30 fiscal year.  The Department of Energy determines its total expenses associated with all duties and responsibilities transferred to the Department of Energy from the Public Utilities Commission as well as those expenses attributable to the Department’s support of the Public Utilities Commission.  

The Department also includes in its assessment calculation the Public Utilities Commission’s total expenses during the fiscal year incurred in the performance of the Commission’s duties relating to public utilities as defined in RSA 362 and other entities subject to the Commission’s regulatory and enforcement authority.  Expenses for the Office of the Consumer Advocate are also included in the calculation of expenses supported through the annual assessment.  Any expenses which have been or may be charged and recovered under the provisions of RSA 365:37, RSA 365:38, and RSA 374-F:7, I are excluded.