Administrative Rules

The Department of Energy’s and the Public Utilities Commission’s rules govern utilities, energy providers, and other entities subject to the Department's or the Commission’s authority.

Pursuant to RSA 12-P:11 and RSA 12-P:14, the Department of Energy administers and enforces the Public Utilities Commission rules that are associated with functions, powers, and duties transferred to the Department from the Public Utilities Commission. The Commission’s rules are found here.

During 2022, the Department of Energy will promulgate its own rules. This page will be updated to reflect the Department’s rulemaking activity.

RUL 22-001 - Department of Energy Chapter En 1300 Utility Pole Attachment Rules

The Department is adopting new rules pursuant to its authority over most issues related to utility pole attachments under RSA 374:34-a, as amended effective July 1, 2021. En 1300 includes substantially the same rules as Parts Puc 1301, 1302, and 1303 of the existing Chapter Puc 1300 rules of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), except for the addition of provisions for One-Touch Make-Ready procedures and timelines as required under Senate Bill 88 (2021).  Part Puc 1304, which covers dispute resolution and related pole attachment fee rate-setting, will remain with the PUC in an amended version of Puc 1300.