About Us

The Department of Energy is New Hampshire’s newest state agency. In the State Budget that went into effect July 1, 2021, the New Hampshire General Court and Governor Sununu created the Department of Energy.

The Department was designed to “…improve the administration of state government by providing unified direction of policies, programs, and personnel in the field of energy and utilities, making possible increased efficiency and economies from integrated administration and operation of the various energy and utility related functions of the state government.”

Comprised of the Divisions of Administration, Enforcement, Policy and Programs, and Regulatory Support, the New Hampshire Department of Energy has a wide variety of roles and responsibilities related to energy issues. 

New Hampshire Department of Energy Mission Statement

The prosperity and security of New Hampshire and its citizens require an affordable, innovative, reliable, and sustainable energy economy. The Department of Energy is committed to achieving that goal and will provide a unified direction of energy policies, responsible and practical programs, principled regulation, and skilled representation, in energy-related proceedings, of New Hampshire’s public interest. The Department of Energy will serve the people of New Hampshire in an honest, transparent, and effective manner.

New Hampshire Department of Energy Leadership Team

  • Jared Chicoine, Commissioner
  • Christopher Ellms Jr., Deputy Commissioner
  • Rorie Patterson, Director of Administration
  • Paul Kasper, Director of Enforcement
  • Joshua Elliott, Director of Policy and Programs
  • Thomas Frantz, Director of Regulatory Support
  • David Shulock, General Counsel

Administratively Attached Agencies