File a Complaint

Have a question or complaint? Looking for information about your utility service? The Consumer Services Division can help you find the answers.

Every day changes occur in utility services, technology and public policy that affect you, the consumer. Timely information enables you to take advantage of new utility services and programs, avoid the pitfalls of scams, and become a smart consumer when it comes to paying bills and getting the best service from your utility.

The Consumer Services Division can assist you in many ways. In addition to providing you with up-to-date information about your utility service and changes in the utility industry, we can help resolve disputes between you - the consumer - and regulated utility companies and utility service providers including electric, natural gas, water, sewer, and telephone providers. We can also provide you with other valuable information. The Consumer Services Division:

  • acts as a mediator to help resolve disputes between customers and regulated utility companies
  • assists you in setting up payment plans for your utility bill
  • assists when issues arise in establishing new utility service
  • provides rules and regulations governing utility companies
  • helps you to better understand your utility bill
  • provides tips on energy conservation

While the Consumer Services Division can assist you in many ways, please be aware that we do not provide direct financial assistance for bill payment.

While changes in New Hampshire laws have reduced the way some telephone companies are regulated, the Consumer Services Division may still be able to assist you in resolving your complaint with your telephone service provider.

Providers of cable service, cellular service or paging services, propane gas providers, heating oil companies, or internet service providers are not regulated by the Department of Energy.  The Department also has no jurisdiction over municipal utilities.

Consumers have a right to expect safe and reliable utility service and assistance from their utility when they have questions or a dispute. Before filing a complaint with the Department of Energy Consumer Services Division, please contact your utility company to give them the opportunity to resolve the matter with you directly. If you are not satisfied with the utility’s answer, contact Consumer Services by phone, by email or by US mail using the information below.

For information or to file a complaint, please contact the Consumer Services Division:

By phone:

1-800-852-3793, Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm

By email:

By mail:

Consumer Services
New Hampshire Department of Energy
21 South Fruit Street, Suite 10
Concord NH 03301-2429