Pipeline Gas Forms

Pipeline gas utilities in New Hampshire.

Utility Accounting

Puc 507.08 Uniform System of Accounts. Pursuant to RSA 374:8, each utility shall maintain its accounts in conformity with the "Uniform System of Accounts Prescribed for Natural Gas Companies Subject to the Provisions of the Natural Gas Act" promulgated by the United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at 18 C.F.R. Part 201.

Source. (See Revision Note at Chapter heading for Puc 500) #6445, eff 1-28-97, EXPIRED: 1-28-05
New. #10334, eff 5-10-13 (from Puc 507.07)

Gas Report Forms

E-5G Utility Accident Report (509.07) (09-2021)

E-6 Heating Value and Purity Report (509.08) (09-2021)

E-7 Annual Report of Gas Meters (509.09) (09-2021)

E-8 Monthly Report of Pressure Complaint (509.10) (09-2021)

E-22G Annual Report of Proposed Expenditures (509.11) (09-2021)

E-23 Report of Interruptions of Service (509.12) (09-2021)

E-24 Report of Gas Meter Complaint Tests (509.13) (09-2021)

E-25G Report of Proposed Changes in Depreciation Rates (509.14) (09-2021)

Gas Report Forms (continued)

E-27 Annual Peak Shaving Fuel Storage Capability Report (509.16) (09-2021)

E-27a Jurisdictional LP Facilities Report (512.03) (09-2021)

E-28 Weekly Gas Storage Report (509.17) (09-2021)

E-29 Weekly Portable LNG Vaporizer Activity Report (590.18) (09-2021)

E-30 Summary of Peak Day Report (509.19) (09-2021)

E-31 Forecast of Upcoming Winter Period Design Day Report (509.20) (09-2021)

E-35 Monthly Leak Report-Status of Leaks (509.15) (09-2021)

F-1G Rate of Return (509.01) (04-2023)

F-3 Statement of Pro Forma Income Statement at Present & Proposed Rates for Year Ended (509.02) (09-2021)

F-16G Annual Report (509.02) (04-2023)

F-22 Information Sheet (509.06) (09-2021)