Affiliate Agreement Proceedings

Pursuant to RSA 366, the Department regulates contracts between public utilities and their affiliates.

Public utilities must file certain affiliate contracts with the Department of Energy pursuant to RSA 366:3, and pursuant to RSA 366:5, the Department may investigate affiliate contracts and initiate proceedings related to such contracts before the Public Utilities Commission.  Proceedings at the Commission focus on whether the terms of the affiliate agreement are just and reasonable.

AFF 2024-007 Unitil Energy Systems, Inc. and Northern Utilities, Inc. - Lease Agreement

AFF 2024-006 Unitil Realty Corp. and Unitil Service Corp. - Sublease Agreement

AFF 2024-005 Unitil Energy Systems, Inc. and Unitil Realty Corp.- Lease Agreement

AFF 2024-004 Northern Utilities and Unitil Service Corp. - Lease Agreement

AFF 2024-003 Northern Utilities and Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc. - Lease Agreement

AFF 2024-002 Liberty Energy Utilities (New Hampshire) Corp. and Liberty Utilities (EnergyNorth Natural Gas) and Liberty Utilities (Granite State Electric) - Affiliate Services Agreement

AFF 2024-001 National Grid Extension of Mutual Assistance Agreement By and Among National Grid Affiliated Companies