The Value of Distributed Energy Resources Study

The Value of Distributed Energy Resources Study was directed by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission and is being facilitated by the New Hampshire Department of Energy. This page provides public access to this study and stakeholder processes connected to the study.

This study was directed per Order 26,029 by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) under docket DE 16-576

The study scope was further developed through a stakeholder process and approved in PUC Order 26,316 and can be found on the Public Utilities Commission Website

VDER stakeholder session 9-28-2022

VDER 2022 Final Study and Materials

VDER 2023 Study Addendum and Updated Materials

Since the completion of the New Hampshire Value of Distributed Resources Study Report in October 2022, led to an unparalleled surge in natural gas prices and energy supply costs.  To provide a more current estimate of the avoided costs captured by distributed energy resources and the resulting study findings, the below updates a number of relevant values and results.