What To Do If I Smell Gas

If you smell gas, please follow these steps!

If you smell gas inside your home or business:

  • Get out immediately and go to a safe location 300 feet away or more.
  • Instruct others to leave and evacuate the premises immediately.
  • Close the door behind you.
  • Once outside and away from the building, call 911 immediately.

Do Not Do These!!

  • Do not use electrical switches, telephones, appliances, garage door openers, etc. This can cause sparks.
  • Do not use lighters or matches. Do not smoke.
  • Do not open doors or windows in an attempt to ventilate
  • Do not turn off your gas meter. This should only be done by a qualified representative.

If you smell gas outside your home or business:

  • Take note of the exact street location and cross streets where you smell gas and call 911 immediately.
  • Stay clear of the area.

Do Not Do These!!

  • Do not start any motors or motor vehicles near the area of the gas odor.
  • Do not use lighters or matches and do not smoke.