Understanding Your Utility Bill

How can you make sure your utility bill is accurate?

With the introduction of competitive providers in the electric, gas and telecommunications industries, consumers may find it increasingly difficult to make sense of the various rates, fees and charges that appear on their bills. How can you make sure your utility bill is accurate?

  1. Carefully review your bill each month.
  2. Question and investigate any charges that you don't understand.
  3. Read all flyers and additional materials included with your bill.

Many of our utilities provide information on understanding your utility bill right on their websites. Links to those sites are shown below. In addition, the Federal Communications Commission's website provides valuable information to consumers on reading and understanding a telephone bill.

Electric and Gas Utilities

The Federal Communications Commission has adopted truth in billing requirements for telephone service providers and provides information on understanding your wireline or wireless telephone bill and your rights as a consumer on its website.