Paying Your Utility Bill

Want to know your options for paying your utility bill?

You have several options when paying your utility bill. Your utility company can enroll you in its auto payment service, where the payment due is automatically withdrawn from your banking account each month. You may also be able to make a payment online – either through the utility or through your bank – or by using your credit card. Of course, payments mailed through the US Postal Service are always available. Contact your utility or look on your utility's website to learn which options your utility offers. However you decide to make your payment, remember to make it before the due date on your bill to avoid late payment charges.

Utilities also have agreements with third parties, allowing customers to pay at a third-party payment agent. Before using a third-party payment agent, please contact your utility to verify the payment agent is an authorized payment agent. Your utility cannot guarantee that a payment made through an unauthorized bill payment service will be forwarded to the utility in a timely manner or even that they will be forwarded at all.

Payment options such as budget billing and extended payment arrangements are also available as are assistance programs for low-income households. To enroll in a budget or levelized billing program or to set a payment arrangement, contact your local utility.