Electric Aggregators Registration and Renewal Instructions

Companies wishing to provide electric load aggregation service in New Hampshire must first register with the New Hampshire Department of Energy. The Puc 2000 Rules, N.H. Code Admin. Rules Puc 2000, apply to initial and renewal registration applications of electric aggregators.

The New Hampshire Department of Energy administers and enforces the registration, assessment and consumer protection requirements of Puc 2000 Rules, N.H. Code Admin. Rules Puc 2000, which apply to applications for initial and renewal registrations of electric aggregators.

Instructions for preparing an application to register as an electric aggregator and filing registration-related documents are below.  Additional information regarding annual assessments can be found below as well. The complete rules and requirements for an electric aggregator are contained in Puc 2000 Rules, N.H. Code Admin. Rules Puc 2000.

How to Complete the Filing of Electric Aggregator Registration-Related Documents

An original and two paper copies along with an electronic version of each document must be provided to the New Hampshire Department of Energy. Please mail and email the registration-related documents to:

New Hampshire Department of Energy
21 South Fruit Street, Suite 10
Concord NH 03301

Preparing and Completing an Electric Aggregator Application

  • Applicants are required to provide the information and documents specified in Puc 2006.02
  • Download, complete, and file the Electric Aggregator Application Form. Please note the application form is provided as a convenience for filing; use of the form provided is optional and is not a requirement for preparing and submitting an application for registration.
  • If the application is for an initial registration as an electric aggregator, remit payment of $250.00.
  • If the application is for the renewal of a registration, remit payment of $125, unless your company was subject to the NH Department of Energy annual assessment for the most recent fiscal year and your company did not file an assessment exemption claim form.
  • Make payment payable to: New Hampshire Department of Energy.

Annual Assessments

Electric aggregators are subject to an annual assessment of $2,000. An electric aggregator may be eligible for an exemption from the assessment for a given year if it earned less than $10,000 in gross New Hampshire revenue during the preceding calendar year ending on December 31, and it submits an exemption form confirming the applicable revenue total for that fiscal year.