Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Programs for Nonprofits

The following IIJA programs below may be of interest to nonprofits in New Hampshire.

Energy Efficiency Materials Pilot Program for Nonprofits

This program offers $50 million in competitive grants to nonprofit organizations with funding to upgrade building materials to improve energy efficiency, lower utility costs, and reduce carbon emissions.

The program seeks to provide nonprofits with energy efficiency materials including:

  • A roof or lighting system or component of the system;
  • A window;
  • A door, including a security door; and
  • A heating, ventilation, or air conditioning system or component of the system (including insulation and wiring and plumbing improvements needed to serve a more efficient system).

The US Department of Energy released a Request for Information on November 10, 2022 to invite public comment as it works to develop the parameters of its program. Comment must be received by December 22, 2022. Nonprofit organizations in NH wishing to provide comment should review the Request for Information for the program’s background, the categories and questions posed by the US Department of Energy, and ways to submit feedback.

Program information will be updated as the US Department of Energy releases further guidance.