The Division of Enforcement sponsors a number of Dig Safe damage prevention seminars and education opportunities throughout the state.

Underground Damage Prevention Education and Training

Three types of training are provided:

  1. Annual Seminars geared toward general contractors, presented in conjunction with utilities;
  2. Trainings conducted at company headquarters upon request; and
  3. Training conducted at Department of Energy offices to address with civil penalties and specific contractor violations.

NH Excavator Manual (Rev. 2023)

Best Practices

The Division of Enforcement monitors the applicability of national level Best Practices for preventing damage and promoting safety by regularly reviewing each edition of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) published Best Practice Manual to those incorporated in New Hampshire’s Underground Damage Prevention Program. Over 95% of the 162 practices are used by the Department of Energy's Division of Enforcement. Best practices are focused on the elements noted:

  • Planning and Design – 19 Best Practices
  • One Call Center – 32 Best Practices
  • Locating and Marking – 32 Best Practices
  • Excavation – 32 Best Practices
  • Mapping – 19 Best Practices
  • Compliance – 5 Best Practices
  • Public Education and Awareness – 11 Best Practices
  • Reporting and Evaluation – 21 Best Practices
  • Miscellaneous – 1 Best Practice