Fuel Payment Budget Plans

This page answers frequently asked questions about fuel payment budget plans.

How does a budget plan work?

A typical arrangement may be similar to this:

  • Customer agrees to pay the same specified amount each month for 10 or 11 months in a year to cover fuel costs. The price for the fuel is the price on day of delivery, not a pre-purchase set price.
  • There may be a fee to enroll in the budget plan.
  • In the final month or two of the budget agreement period, the payment is adjusted up or down to allow for any price changes during the budget agreement period, so that the total paid by the customer is equal to the total cost of the fuel purchased.

Will a budget plan save money on heating bills?

The purpose of a budget plan is not to save money but to make heating costs more manageable.

Other considerations:

As with any such agreement, be sure to obtain, read and understand the contract. It is important to understand clearly what you and the fuel dealer are agreeing – and not agreeing – to do.