Average Fuel Prices in New Hampshire Notes

This page answers questions on how State Heating Oil Propane Program (SHOPP) prices are collected.

For information on how SHOPP prices are collected, please see the US Energy Information Administration's Winter Heating Fuels page, EIA's Explanatory Notes and Frequently Asked Questions for the SHOPP program.

  1. Price/Unit does not include the Customer Charge. This charge recovers costs the utility incurs in providing service to a customer – such as maintenance, reading your meter(s), maintaining account records, and managing a 24-hour customer service center. This is a fixed cost regardless of the amount of gas or electricity you use. Please also note that the NH Public Utilities Commission regulates electric and natural gas utilities.
  2. Biomass Fuels
    1. Bulk or Bagged
      1. Wood pellets are sold in bulk or bagged. Bulk pellets are usually sold by the ton; they are not bagged but rather are delivered by truck to bulk storage bins. Wood pellets are also sold in 40-pound bags. Users can buy individual bags of pellets at a store or can have a large order of bags delivered by the ton.
    2. Delivery Costs
      1. Bagged prices quoted here do not include delivery. Most dealers do deliver bagged pellets by the ton and offer a variety of delivery options.
      2. Delivery costs will vary by vendor, buyer location, and order size. Consumers should always call for a quote when considering purchasing pellets for delivery.
    3. Cordwood
      1. The price of firewood sold by the cord can vary widely depending on the location, time of year and quality of the wood being sold. The cost shown here is an average of unseasoned, log-length wood delivered, cut or split wood run about twice the price that is provided. Cordwood can be highly variable in moisture content, quality, species makeup, etc., correspondingly heat values and prices will vary.
  3. Motor fuel pricing is obtained from the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report.
  4. Electric vehicle pricing obtained from the US Department of Energy's eGallon tool.